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Wars, plots, disunited lords fighting for power and peasants ready to kill in the name of faith. A principality dependent on the Ottoman Empire, led by the Calvinist Hungarians, with a majority of the population consisting of Orthodox Romanians. Throughout this long-standing feud, a faithful priest brings back the hope. A family man at first, a soldier afterwards, Sava Brancovici becomes the Metropolitan Bishop of Transylvania. Rising from a Serbian family, Sava, baptized Simion, will put a mark on Transylvanian history.  He was removed and then reinstated several times as Metropolitan Bishop, depending on each prince's humour, but he succeeded in remaining Romanians' greatest leader for a quarter of century. In the chronicles of those times he is even being compared to Michael the Brave. Trying to resist the Calvinist clerics' pressures to suppress the Orthodox religion, Sava Brancovici seeks for help in Russia. This will seal his fate. He will be accused of conspiring against the prince, taken to trial and then thrown in prison.

1683. In the heart of Transylvania, the entertainment began about mid-January. Counts and countesses gathered at the baron Kemeny's castle at Eciu, for a hunting party as never seen before. It didn't last three days and three nights as in fairy tales, but three weeks and then three more. The guests tasted the gipsy women’s dance, but also the frenzy of the hunt. And they did that over and over again until the gipsy women grew tired and the game was consumed. The guests wanted fresh blood. Therefore the baron sends for the greatest Romanian priest, imprisoned for treason. It is the Metropolitan Bishop of Transylvania himself. In  the bloody dungeons where he is being held, Sava knows that the lords of these lands have no mercy. Nevertheless, news that may change history comes from the most powerful Hungarian baron. Sava is summoned to the heart of Transylvania for a baptism. Will this be the beginning or the end?